MWC 2019: LG Premiere Press Event, a Live Blog (6:30PM UTC)

01:31PM EST – MWC is the conference for mobile

01:31PM EST – LG is always focusing on mobile innocations

01:31PM EST – 5G is going to push us in ways we never thought of

01:31PM EST – Coming faster than you expect intel ssd 120gb

01:32PM EST – A 5G phone has to cope with the speed of change

01:32PM EST – LG’s job to predict the user mobile needs

01:32PM EST – Real innovation comes from insight

01:32PM EST – Making every day better

01:32PM EST – ‘Insightful Innovation’

01:32PM EST – Seeing where LG can add value to technology and design

01:32PM EST – Meeting needs, meeting unexpected needs

01:33PM EST – Features like Knock On

01:33PM EST – Steering our course

01:33PM EST – Elevating your mobile experience

01:33PM EST – Keeping the experience fresh and relevant

01:33PM EST – Two new products

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