Honor 10 Launch: A Live Blog on an Honor 10 (1pm UTC, 9am ET)

In the next leg of the Honor journey, the flagship Honor 10 is being announced today in London as part of a worldwide launch. We are here for a Live Blog, and in an AnandTech first, I am actually going to be using our Honor 10 sample to do the pictures for the Live Blog. Unfortunately I can’t tell you about the device until our embargo lifts! But Honor has pulled out all the stops for the event, with the CEO George Zhao set to take the stage, and Honor promoting some Youtubers.

08:54AM EDT – Honor does something different to most smartphone brands: they have a jingle, a music track

08:54AM EDT – it is being played over and over

08:55AM EDT – Honor has invited a fair few Youtubers to the launch for marketing

08:58AM EDT – Discussions about Youtubers taking money for direct product advertising compared to written media is a discussion for another time

08:59AM EDT – I’ve actually had my Honor 10 unit for a few days now. The embargo for my hands-on is in 90 minutes, I really can’t say anything until then and have to wait until the features are announced

09:01AM EDT – Normally we do these live blogs with smartphones on the lowest image setting, usually 2.1MP or lower. The lowest the Honor 10 goes is 10MP, so hopefully the photos will still come out in order at the right time

09:02AM EDT – No announcement on ‘X minutes to start’ yet

09:05AM EDT – Of course, it’s odd that a brand called HONOR is launching in London, where it should be spelled HONOUR. Let the battle commence

09:07AM EDT – More videos about Honor being ‘for the young’, ‘for the fashionable’, still no announcement

09:13AM EDT – Just playing around with the Honor 10 for photos for the live blog

09:13AM EDT – I don’t think AI mode is activated when requesting the camera from a different app (in this case, we’re uploading through Chrome)

09:14AM EDT – I’ve noticed in previous phones that Chrome doesn’t get the full range of camera options

09:14AM EDT – Here we start

09:16AM EDT – Opening sequence with a ballerina on stage and a video behind her doing the same thing but opposite

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