AT News Update: Socket 775 Processor Names

Weeks ago we found a little info going around that Intel plans to rename their upcoming Socket T/Socket 478 processors to reflect a new naming convention.
Update April 8, 2004: After receiving more information and confirmation, we have updated our roadmaps.

You can read more about Intel’s naming conventions on their site, here.

The new 90nm Celerons based on the Prescott core have bee dubbed “Celeron D.” Note the suffix “LV” denotes “Low Voltage,” while “ULV” denotes “Ultra Low Voltage.” There is an unusual amount of overlap in the Celeron roadmaps, which may become confusing to consumers in the long run.

Finally, we have an update on the Pentium M naming convensions.

There are also several updates on the Nocona roadmaps. In particular, the Nocona (Xeon) launch has moved from Q2’03 to Q3’03. Expect to wait a little longer to run an x86-64 compatible Xeon.

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